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Image of a contract that Jeff Stoller has worked on. Jeff Stoller is a legal contract consultant based in Miami Florida but has negotiated and written contracts in over 16 countries. When you hire Jeff Stoller to work on your contract you are getting a five star rated Upwork freelancer for writing legal contracts.


There are many people who can write what you tell them to write in a contract. The reason you hire me is for the things you never thought of.


One of the areas where I have devoted a lot of attention in my professional career is hospitality because they’re businesses about people, not just technology. Making people happy is something about which I can be passionate.

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Going to college and law school in Los Angeles, almost everyone is somehow involved in, connected to or aspiring to be in the entertainment business. My experience and ability to help you spans live entertainment, brand management, licensing.

Start Ups & Business Plans

There are many people who can write what the client tells them to write. What an entrepreneur needs is someone who can ask the questions and write what the entrepreneur never thought of. That’s why you hire me.

Business Structure

Business structuring is like pieces of a puzzle, except that in this puzzle the pieces can fit together in a variety of ways, not just one. I can help you decide which way is best for you.

A photo of a license to use a trademark made by Jeff Stoller. Jeff Stoller is a Miami Florida Intellectual property and trademark attorney who can register and negotiate your trademark and iIntellectual property Jeff Stoller is a an Upwork five star rated Intellectual property and trademark attorney.


Having worked with major brands almost my entire career, I can help you not only register your marks but develop them into valuable assets.

Food & Beverage

I have been involved with, owned or helped open 15 restaurants in 5 countries and 26 nightclubs in 9 countries. I can help you, too.


With a professional background as an attorney, accountant and professor of finance at the University of Southern California and his work in the hospitality/entertainment field, Jeff Stoller is a recognized expert in entrepreneurship and brand management, having worked with world famous brands including The Rolling Stones and Warner Bros.

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Check out my book, "You Want To Be An Entrepreneur"

Who should read this book

You Want to be an Entrepreneur” is a primer for new and future entrepreneurs. It’s important to understand that launching a new business is more than just a great idea or a dream. It involves marketing, finance, law, production, accounting and everything that is the foundation of any business.

In this book, you will discover

  • The pros and cons of being an entrepreneur
  • The impact of being an entrepreneur on yourself and your family
  • The elements of a successful business, not just a good idea
  • The structure of a solid business plan for yourself, your employees and your financiers
  • The way to target the right audience for your goods or services
  • How to create and build a brand
  • The concepts of our accounting system
  • The sources of funding for your business
  • The meaning of financial statements