Jeff Stoller

Business & Legal Consultant


A photo of a license to use a trademark made by Jeff Stoller. Jeff Stoller is a Miami Florida Intellectual property and trademark attorney who can register and negotiate your trademark and iIntellectual property Jeff Stoller is a an Upwork five star rated Intellectual property and trademark attorney.

Intellectual Property, Trademark

“Intellectual property” covers a lot of ground.  Just as with a doctor, it’s important to know exactly what a person is capable of doing. 

I have been heavily involved in trademarks, brand management and licensing.  Beginning with The Rolling Stones (a long time ago), I learned about brand management and have become what some call an “expert.”  Brand management is misunderstood by many who think it is about a logo.  It is not.  It is about getting people to what you want them to do (usually, that means buy something) based on a brand.

In the process of that and my previous job where we owned and managed (and enforced) more than 1000 trademarks worldwide, I have become quite experienced in trademark registrations.  In fact, 10 of my most recent Upwork reviews are for trademark registrations.