Jeff Stoller

Business & Legal Consultant


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Start-Ups & Business Plans

I have always been attracted to the creative process.  Maybe that’s why I was attracted to the entertainment industry and why I respect and appreciate entrepreneurs so much.  Keep in mind, that many of the most successful and wealthiest people in the world are (were) entrepreneurs – Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos all started new businesses, just as many others are doing and dream to do.

The sub-title of my book, “You Want To Be An Entrepreneur” – “Success requires more than just a great idea” – reflects my experience with many people who maybe had the drive and passion, but didn’t actually know how to get from point A to point B.  For some of those people, I have filled in the gaps.  More than that, though, the combination of my professional legal and financial training with my practical business experience enables me to look at all the pieces of a new business (or even an idea) on one plate.  So many elements interact -marketing, legal, financial, human resources – and for a novice entrepreneur to get opinions from 5 or 6 experts and try to understand how to put those pieces of the puzzle together in the best way can be a daunting and, often, insurmountable hurdle.  This is where I work to clarify and move that process forward.

Business plans can be written for different audiences: management, staff, investors and lenders.  They each have a different focus.  Moreover, there are many people who claim to and have – written business plans – including many on Upwork who can do a very adequate job of writing what the client tells them to write.  The catch is that an entrepreneur more often needs someone who can write not only what the entrepreneur tells the writer, but also what the entrepreneur never thought of.  That requires more than just a writing skill, but an understanding of the client’s business and goals.